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Climbing El Capitan...again - Zenyatta Mondatta Nov 05, 2021

The Bomb Cyclone totally exceeded what I expected in terms of weather. Josh stayed dry. I got wet. I was sleeping on the outside half of the portaledge, with a small leak just below the window. Pour enough water on that and it adds up to getting soaked. I was never really cold, but wet was pretty bad.

I wanted to stay up on the cliff and keep climbing. I was worried about time and momentum. It was Monday and I had until Saturday, then I had to head back to San Diego. Josh talked me into coming down for a day. We rappelled down the 250’,...

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What Could Go Right? - the Baltimore Ravens - an NFL introduction Oct 15, 2021

We were rolling into Baltimore, headed to our hotel. We’d woken up at 5am and traveled all day. It was almost 8pm now. Traffic got bad two blocks from the hotel as we drove past a stadium. “Hey Siri, is there a baseball game going in Baltimore?”

            “Nope. There is not a baseball game in Baltimore.”

            “Hey Siri, what’s happening at M&T Bank Stadium tonight?”


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The Past Two Months - a path to peace Sep 30, 2021

Since June 22, 2021 [SEE PREVIOUS POST: Leaving NYC]

It’s been two months. We have a couch. Emily and I have a bedframe and mattress. We own four cars (because we have 6 drivers and we don't live in the city anymore). I can now recall our address from memory. I’m feeling stable.

Alison is in Hawaii going to school. She loves it! Karina has decided sales is not for her. She’s figuring out what’s next. Eli and Lily are doing homeschool. Emily and I have a string of speaking engagements coming up, so our full focus is there....

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Leaving NYC Sep 30, 2021

We’ve moved from NYC to San Diego. I feel strangely mournful.

[EDITOR NOTE: This was originally written June 22, 2021 and published 3 months later. This pairs nicely with this post, which includes additional updates.]

Early this year, Emily and I led a couple retreats to the British Virgin Islands.

Deep dive table talk anchored off Anegada, BVI

Golden hour at Sandy Spit.

Learning the art of navigation.

Mornings aboard.

Sunsets to di(v)e for.

After returning from our last retreat of the season and subsequent quarantine, we set out...

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How to Expand the Size of Your Dreams Feb 26, 2021

The size of your dreams is proportionate to how much you trust yourself. 

When you do what you say you’ll do, something happens inside of you. You believe yourself more. Your confidence grows. As your confidence grows, your mind and spirit expand. You ask yourself, “If I can do that, what else can I do?” Once you’ve done that thing, you grow even more. You say, “What else am I capable of?” You and your dreams expand and there’s no limit to how far you can go. Here’s how I learned this principle....

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