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Bond before they're gone.

Bond your family through unforgettable adventures before your kids leave home.

Bond before they're gone.

Bond your family through unforgettable adventures before your kids leave home.

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Avoid regret, come alive to your own potential and inspire others to do the same.

Learn the tools and frameworks you need to go from drifting to navigating with competency, credibility and calm. Whether an executive, manager, or parent (or all three), gain the ballast that will help you sail smoothly through troubled waters and arrive at your chosen destinations over the horizon.

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With yourself and your people.


Leave the Conveyor Belt Life.

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Cast Off

Live a better story.

When you live a life you love, everyone wins.

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Meet Erik + Emily Orton

Erik + Emily Orton went from broke to bootstrapping life aboard a sailboat in the Caribbean for a year with their five children. They are authors of the New York Times Top 10 Travel Book Seven at Sea and world-class keynote speakers. They advise parents, leaders and organizations looking to connect at a deeper level with their families and teams and go from drifting to navigating.


Where you can start

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Take the Helm

Explore courses that help you connect with yourself, your family and your people. Gain the skills and frameworks to live a better story, for yourself and others.

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Get Inspired

Read (or listen) to our story, Seven at Sea. We went from broke to bootstrapping life aboard a sailboat in the Caribbean with our five children. We share how we connected with our kids, rallied around a better story and worked as a team to move our dreams from concept to concrete.

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Hear for Yourself

Virtual or On-Site Keynotes to inspire and entertain your leaders, team, or organization through exploring The Navigator Framework™. Gain the ballast you need to navigate confidently toward the destinations that matter to you and those you care about most.

See for Yourself

Gain hands-on knowledge together with those you care about. Join Erik + Emily for a Navigator Sailing Retreat or invite them to speak to your group or organization.

Our Story

We believe when you live a life you love, everyone wins.


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Equip yourself with the frameworks and encouragement to build a creative, adventurous, deliberate life alongside the people you care about most.

When you live a life you love, everyone wins.


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