What kind of glasses are you wearing?

Jan 02, 2023
The Awesome Factory
What kind of glasses are you wearing?

How do you see the world?

Through what lens are you looking at it?

Are you an NPC?

Are you a hero?

And if you want to see yourself and the world in a new way, that's what we have so much fun sharing.


I sat in our backyard on a cold snowy day and recorded these thoughts. Please forgive the terrible audio quality and Lily singing in the background. I'm super passionate about this concept of seeing ourselves in a new way. Seeing yourself in a new way is the first step into a new world just waiting for you.


  • 0:00 How do you see yourself and the world?
  • 1:00 Free Guy/Ryan Gosling - NPC to Hero   
  • 2:15 The most difficult part of our sailing trip
  • 3:30 The great struggle we all face in our time
  • 4:30 What kind of character are you?
  • 5:30 Starting scared and skeptical
  • 6:30 Choosing your island
  • 7:00 Oh, my goodness. This is happening!
  • 7:50 If you can do that, what else can you do?!
  • 8:30 I saw myself in a new way, and I did that thing: health, finances, creative projects, building a business, travel,
  • 9:30 Seeing others go through the journey.







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