Navigator Sailing Adventure 

Part stunning vacation, part learning to sail, part re-centering retreat, immerse yourself in the Navigator Framework™ on a Navigator Sailing Adventure.

Feel the confidence and calm that comes from navigating where you want to go in work, home and life. 


Super bond your family through adventure.


Upcoming Trips:

  • February 13-18, 2023 British Virgin Islands
  • March 17-22, 2023 British Virgin Islands  SOLD OUT
  • April 3-8, 2023 —British Virgin Islands ONLY 2 SPOTS LEFT
  • July 24-29, 2023 — Athens, Greece
  • August 7-12, 2023 — Athens, Greece


What to expect:

  • Sail daily to new islands and anchorages
  • Enjoy your own private cabin with bathroom and shower
  • Eat delicious meals
  • Savor food for thought
  • Learn the basics of sailing
  • Engage in invigorating group discussions
  • Process with plenty of alone time and privacy
  • Chose additional activities like swimming, snorkeling, paddle boarding, and scuba diving

Book a cabin and meet like-minded adventurers or book the boat and spend time with those you care about the most. 

Hammock on sailboat

Part Vacation

Part Sailing Lesson

Part Recentering Retreat

"Do it! Especially do it with your family!

This was incredible activity and adventure to do together as a family."

- Kathleen Peterson

“Sailing with Erik and Emily cracked something open for me. 

The sense of adventure, excitement and exhilaration woke me up to what is possible."

— York Young


Jump on it

“If you have any inclination to do something like this, just jump on it.
It is so much richer than simply going on a Caribbean vacation."


- Joel Wiest

Absolutely do it!

I'm just so happy that we did.

It's been, ten times better than I expected.

You're in for a treat!" 


- Whitney Johnson

You won't regret it.

"Sail with Emily and Erik.

You won’t regret it.

It will be one of the best things you ever do.”


- York Young

Life will never be the same.

"By the end of the trip I sat across from my husband and he said, 'Life’s never gonna be the same after this.' I said, “Yeah, I feel it. I know that’s true.”


- Jayne Young


"Magical. It was amazing! Better than I expected.”


- Karen Wiest

See yourself in a new way 

Being in a new place helps you see yourself in a new way and unlock so many possibilities.

"No matter what kind of personality type you are, this can be an incredible opportunity for you.

I'm a total introvert. Because Emily and Erik are so gregarious and easy to be around, it really reduced a lot of barriers that I frequently feel when I'm around people."

— Roger Johnson


  • Caribbean
  • Mediterranean
  • French Polynesia
Sailing retreat adventure French Polynesia South Pacific couples
Sailing in the Mediterranean sailing retreat adventure couples retreat leadership team building
Sailing retreat Caribbean adventure leadership team building couples retreat family retreat offsite

"If you and your family or company want to do something that will really help you feel more connected and restored, which we all do, 100% yes!"

— Whitney Johnson


Where would you want to sail?

We hope to welcome you aboard!


See if one of our trips is right for you.