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So often we’re up to eye balls with work, family and responsibilities that we can’t see the sky, let alone the horizon. We need someone to help us clear the clutter and imagine what’s possible.

Make the most of your midlife.

Make midlife more meaningful. Let us help you discover your “what if...”  


Is Mini-Retirement Right for You?

One of our specialties is mini-retirement. 

We'll explore what a mini-retirement can look like for you, wether you have kids at home or not. You'll walk away with a road map and your first step.

You want more time with your spouse, with your kids. You want more time for yourself. You want the freedom to pursue your interests and passions, to serve, to do more good in the world.

We took our first early retirement at age 39 when we moved onto a sailboat with our 5 kids for a year. We sailed from the Caribbean back to NYC, and we did it on an average middle-class income.

We've taken several more mini-retirements since then and helped other families of all shapes and sizes do it for themselves.

We're happy to tell you how, and help you do it too. Whether it's sailing or something else, there's more you want for you and your family. Retiring early and often isn't for everyone. It involves some uncertainty, some new skills and expanded mindsets. But it can be so worth it.

In 30-40 min we can help you learn if early retirement is for you. And, if so, help you start your custom road map to your first mini-retirement.


Frequently Asked Questions:


Why is it free?
Because you deserve to discover what's possible in your life.

Do you have to share any financial information?

What if my spouse isn't interested?
You can come solo or together.

What if I want more help after we talk?
We'll share how we can work together and get you personalized solutions.

Will you try to sell me something?
If you want to know how you can work with us more, we're happy to tell you about our paid program (but only if you're interested).

What if I'm not adventurous?
Mini-retirements come in all shapes and sizes. Our goal is to help you find what feels right for you.

What if I don't have any ideas or know what I want to do?
No problem. We start right where you are.

Will you try pressure me into doing anything?
Nope. That's not our style.

Is it worth coming even if I'm not interested in anything more than just the call?

What do I get out of this call?
You'll get a sense of whether mini-retirement is for you, plus a road map and your first step.

Do I have to be married or have kids to get on a call?

What if I schedule a time and can't make it?
You can reply to the confirmation email to cancel or reschedule.

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You deserve to discover what's possible in your life.