How Many More Christmases Do You Have Before They're Gone?

Dec 12, 2022


Your child is born. 

Fast forward 18 years, there’s a pretty good chance they’ll move out.

They’ll be back, but probably not for long.

If you have more than one child, the dominoes fall pretty fast.

They leave one after the other and then they’re all gone.


How many more Christmases do you have left with all your kids home?


Most of the Orton kids no longer live at home most of the time.

It’s a delightful new chapter. They come home for short visits.

We’re so happy they’re out living their lives, making their way in the world.

And yet we’re so grateful we made the effort to super bond before they left.

It makes the returns and short visits so sweet.


One of our favorite ways to connect (and reconnect) is looking at old photos and videos.

Alison just came from home from college. 

We’re delighted to have her home for the next few weeks.

Last night we sat in the living room for hours, putting pictures and video clips up on the tv, laughing and remembering good times.



Because of our investment strategy.

Our investment strategy: invest in good memories. 

Their value always goes up over time.

Make them and revisit them.


We hope you make some wonderful memories this holiday season. Take pictures.

And don’t forget to look at those pictures together from time to time.





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