Ep 16 - Family Lessons Being Robbed in Rome - Dan + Natalie Reeves

In This Episode:

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s really like to sell your house and travel Europe as a family, you’ll find honest unglamorous answers in this revealing interview. Dan and Natalie have been on the road in Europe with their five young  kids for about six months. Expect to hear a host of challenges, benefits (like being more in sync as a couple and the transformation in their kids’ attitude) and unexpected lessons including why they are grateful they got robbed in Rome.

This conversation is full of so much real gold about why we advocate long-term traveling as a family. It’s not about an impressive instagram grid, bragging rights at family reunions, or even seeing the wonders of the world. It about everything Dan and Natalie share in this episode. It’s the crucible of connection that forges resilient family relationships in shared transformation. Please forgive the blurry audio on our end. Dan and Natalie come in clear as a bell with their audio and their insights.

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