Ep 11 - Marriage & Midlife Pivots: Y.E. Young + Jayne Young - Part 2

If you’ve ever wondered if your marriage could be better than “fine.” If you’ve ever wondered what a resilient, connected, satisfying marriage looks like from the inside, listen to this.  Peek inside the deep, dynamic, sometimes dark, and (in this case) triumphant  journey of midlife marriage. Jayne and Y.E.,  parents of four adult  kids, share their journey through major  shifts and pivots in their marriage, money, and lifestyle. If you haven't already listened  to the first half of the conversation, go back and listen to episode 10. Y.E. and Jayne are honest. They're vulnerable and insightful about what it  can look like to transform your lives, marriage, and family in positive ways with adult kids  and with a healthy dose of adventure thrown in.

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