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Act I

Chapter 1 - No One Likes to Be Embarrassed

[No pictures]


Chapter 2 - We Could Really Use Someone Like You


"In my head I made a graph like this:

Chapter 3 - My Conundrum


"Both jobs wanted someone who could commit full-time."

Chapter 4 - Orbit 2020

"Half a year later I would be sitting at people’s kitchen table and see one of those cards on the shelf over their sink."

Walking to my area as a family.

Lily following protocol:  tape the card to the glass.

Chapter 5 - Week One


"I wanted to open the door, but as cold as it was inside my van, I knew it was colder outside."

"Nobody wants to buy from someone who is desperate.  I didn’t want to be that salesman." 

"I stepped out into the night."

Yvonne (right) and her partner, Francine (center) 

Chapter 6 - Week Two


"I didn’t want to lose any toes to frostbite so we took the van to the shop."

Chapter 7 - Week 4 Knocking 


I’d broken down behind a Lowe’s. I came to think of this as the Lowe Point in my career. 

Chapter 8 - Gala #1


The banquet was fun, but I needed to earn money.

Everyday my fear was there waiting for me.  I couldn’t shake it.  The best I could do was keep it at bay. 

I arrived at the end of my second month as a door-to-door salesman with no installs.

Chapter 9 - Day Light = Savings


First install

Act II

Chapter 10 - Permission to Turn On

[No pictures]


Chapter 11 - Eckhart-freaking-Tolle


He trusted his assumptions: people would like him and he would like them.  And Apartheid ended.

I didn’t want them pushing me.  I wanted to push myself.

“All good stuff comes from leaping.  From doing things that might not work,” she said.

Chapter 12 - $8K/Week


Everyone wants to feel like they belong, like they’re part of something good and bigger than themselves.

My weekly paycheck for August 15, 2015 was $14,533.20.

Chapter 13 – Homeless


Yes, I was making amazing money.  But the most satisfying parts were the relationships, the helping, the lifting and encouraging, the learning and teaching.

Chapter 14 – I Don’t Think You’re Having a Heart Attack


This moment, or experience, whatever you want to call it, was a mysterious call to courage, an invitation to take a journey, a summoning to a quest or adventure.  And it was time to pick up the pace. 

Chapter 15 - No One Likes to Be Embarrassed

[No pictures]


Chapter 16 – Quite the Local Celebrity


A rising tide lifts all ships. The good ship Rockland had launched.


I believed in love but missed the money.


Chapter 17 - The 100th Season

[No pictures]


Chapter 18 - An Accordion for Christmas


Monday, I woke up at 6am.  My chest felt tight.   


Chapter 19 - Better Than Nothing

[No pictures]


Chapter 20 - “You’re Not Crazy”


I started reading Greg McKeown’s bestselling book, Essentialism. This got me:


Chapter 21 - The Simplicity of Fewer Thoughts


"I don’t think my highest contribution is in sales, even as a leader or teacher.”  I was getting to the bottom of things.


Chapter 22 - This is Not a Takeover


“You’ve come a long way,” she said. 

I’d leveled up. 

"...What we do, we do to ourselves—100% of the time."

Or in other words:

Chapter 23 - The Scandal

[No pictures]


Chapter 24 - Gala #2


It felt momentous.  We took a picture so we could remember it. 

It feels good to be a beginner again.  I’m scared, but I’m ready.




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