The Navigator Framework™

Create an unforgettable adventure for yourself or your family.

Super bond your family through unforgettable adventures before your kids leave home. Join us inside this self-paced online course that gives you the tools to create you own amazing adventures. Here's what you'll get:

  • The Navigator Framework™ transformative 7 steps
  • Confidence and guidance to transform your family adventures from idea to reality.
  • Printable color playbook
  • Audio versions of all course chapters
  • Super bond your family through an unforgettable adventure.

Bond before they're gone.

What People Are Saying:

It has instigated so much worthwhile conversation between my husband and I about who we really are, what we want out of life, what we are capable of, what our missions are, and HOW to navigate our dreams.

Shaundi K

Erik and Emily, your family's experience at sea motivated me to realize my lifelong dream sooner rather than later. Next summer my family and I are moving to a farm in Poland where my ancestors have lived for centuries.

Jacob M.

Loved the course!!! I have done a lot of courses in my life (Tony Robbins, the works). Some people are blessed with purpose. I, unfortunately, am not one of those. Your course really addressed 'people like me.' It was that perfect length that gave everything you needed, summed up in the most helpful way possible so you leave armed with an action plan.

Anita S.

Eye-opening. They should charge more.The framework gives you an idea or a path to make changes and to really consider the big things that you might want to accomplish or change in your life and a way to accomplish those.

Nate Babbel

$297.00 USD

For just $35 get a hardcopy of Seven at Sea signed by Erik + Emily Orton. Have it signed to you or someone else as a gift.

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